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[Porte de Button Sewing Book]

It's been about a year since we spoke,
Porter des boutons' first sewing book is now available

The theme is "A to P" related to Porte de Buton

Button B
F for France
Ice cream I…
And Porter des boutons' "P"

Many of the items that have shaped the brand since its inception are featured as keywords in the magazine's image cuts.

The photo page, which also features his beloved dog Lotta, is a wonderful addition that can also be enjoyed as a lookbook.

Until now, and from now on,
It's a book that serves as a kind of greeting.

Author: Porter des boutons
Publisher : Bunka Publishing Bureau
Release date : July 22, 2023
Price : 1,980 yen (1,800 yen + tax)
Content : 96 pages
Dimensions : 25.7 x 19 cm

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